President's Message for March

Thanks to all who came out to bowl for FREE in Castro Valley with Cherry City on February 23. It was great to see everyone. No spandex for a change and lots of enthusiasm for a repeat performance.

Rain, blooms and spring has sprung green into our hillsides and Daylight Savings translates to more light, more time to ride and numerous choices.

To begin, check out our new look on the web, Navigate with ease; there will be other features to come.

Getting back in the saddle or are you looking for a greater challenge?

Let the Parallel Progressive rides get you there and keep you on track. This 8 wk series for Recreational and Advanced Riders will begin on March 15 and end on May 4 with a deviated Wine Country Metric or Century starting at Francis Coppola's Winery with a dinner option at Rustic. It is a good way to meet other riders, start slowly, build endurance, strength, conquer the hills, experience new and favorite roads. It begins with shorter distances and flatter roads. Each week more miles are added and the terrain gradually becomes more difficult. You can select just a few rides to do but experiencing all the rides in the series is recommended. Beyond the series is Breathless Agony, Yosemite, Ashland and The Best of the Bay.

For all the busy Cinderella's who procrastinated in training for this Classic Ride put on by the Valley Spokesmen, we offer an accelerated program just for you. There is still time to train for the metric in a short period.

Whether you are a recreational rider, aspire to improve your riding skills or looking some serious rides, the routes on the Parallel Series are interwoven by design and allows riders to accelerate, decelerate and switch groups on the course as needed.

The Series At A Glance

Date Group Approx Miles   Ride Area
3-15 Recreational Series # 1 22   Tiburon and Sausalito
3-16 Recreational Series # 1 25   Alameda Loop
3-22 Recreational Series # 2 30   Las Trampas Loop
3-23 Recreational Series # 2 30   Cull Canyon
3-29 Recreational Series # 3 35   Canada, Woodside, Arastradero
4-5 Recreational Series # 4 35   Norris Canyon Loop
4-12 Recreational Series # 5 40   Pt. Reyes Lighthouse
4-19 Recreational Series # 6 50   Mines Rd
4-26 Recreational Series # 7 55   Pescadero and San Gregorio
5-4 Recreational Series # 8 65   Alexander Valley
3-15 Advanced Series # 1   35 Tiburon, Rodeo Beach, Paradise Loop
3-22 Advanced Series # 2   45 Mt. Diablo to Ranger Station
3-29 Advanced Series # 3   55 Canada, Kings Mt., Los Altos Loop
4-5 Advanced Series # 4   65 East Bay Hills Loop

NOTE: location, times and mileage are subject to change pending weather conditions. Always check the web and read the Yahoo messages at least 1 wk prior to the ride for possible updates.

Each month the club meets on the second Wednesday. The next one is held on April 9 at the bike and food friendly Manor Library in San Leandro. Everyone is invited. Membership is not required. Ride your bike to the General Meeting which begins at 6:30 pm. Bikes can be stored in a secured patio. It's a good way to get a little evening exercise and meet with a bunch of cyclists who are planning more adventures. If you're hungry, pick up some food at Porky's next door. The chicken, pizza and beer is always popular.

By the end of March all impromptu rides, events and changes will be posted on Yahoo and social media verses notifications via personal e-mails. Sign up on the web, if you want to stay informed, it's easy to join. Membership is not required.

Just Pedalin -

Vicky Ma

Your CCC President

510 813-6690


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